Peoria’s Top Computer Shops for PCs, Laptops, Repair & Virus Removal

When it comes to buying and seeking computer services in Peoria, there are a number of computer shops to choose from. If you are looking for high-end services below is a review of the top three places to buy computers and get computer services in Peoria, Illinois.

Nerds on Call

Nerds on Call has a reputation for reputable and timely computer services in Peoria. It is a trusted source for a wide range of computer products, virus removal services and repairs. The specialists of this company normally fix most computer problems remotely. This means that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to access their services. Their products and computer repair services are affordable. Their specialists can repair every computer type and digital devices, including Apple computers, iPods, and other brands. computer services in Peoria IL

Unlike other computer shops in Peoria, Nerds on Call have a life chat on their website where clients can get answers to their questions. When your computer has problems, Nerds on call will restore your computer and it will be back in working order. This can be done remotely or on-site. When you need virus removal services, their computers can remotely connect to your computer and remove all viruses, malware, spyware and other threats risking the performance of your computer. This remote service is both convenient and cost-effective.

Nerds on Call also have an on-site computer virus removal service which is preferable in situations which require extensive measures. They also have custom computers for high-end professionals and gamers. This is important in meeting the ever changing specific needs in gaming such as graphics.

For more information about this Peoria computer repair company, visit:

Nerds on Call
4906 N. University
Peoria, IL 61614
Phone: (309) 689-3900

Facet Technologies, Inc.

Facet Technologies, Inc., or Facet Tech, is specialized in providing business and residential computer systems and IT solutions. Also locally-known as Facet Computers, the experts at Facet Tech take time to learn and understand the technology needs of the specific businesses they serve. They then learn the models of the business, implement them and finally completely manage the IT system of the business. They also offer computer repair services and removal of viruses to their clients. Their experts use proven procedures and processes in virus removal and computer protection.

Their computer repair services are in three categories. Onsite computer repair is where they do send a repair expert to your home or business. In remote computer repair, their team provides remote computer repair services such as virus removal and maintenance. In in-shop computer repair, they service and repair computers from their shop using state-of-the art computer repair facilities. They also offer home automation systems and other technology-related residential services. This helps to streamline lighting, security and entertainment systems in homes.

With headquarters located just outside of Peoria, IL, you contact or visit Facet Tech at:

Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

Geek Squad

Geek Squad provides a lot in the way of computers because of their relationship with Best Buy. Since they had a well performing computers business for many years, they provide quality educated customer service. You should expect mainstream, market-focused services which are in a position to handle everything. They can fix any computer problem no matter the model, make or manufacturer.

Geek Squad offers 24/7 computer technical support through their website. You can also book an appointment online, reschedule it or even cancel it. The only service you may not get here is retrieval of accidentally deleted or lost files. Their reason is that songs and photos is the most common reason behind retrieval requests.

There you have the top three computer shops in Peoria. You can choose depending on your specific needs. Shop Custom, Creative & Unique Cycling Jerseys Online is one of the most well-known online companies for quality, vintage-style cycling jerseys. Since 2002 when was founded, the company has been continuously evolving the styles behind its cycling jerseys. Today, the company offers wide-variety of unique and exclusive products, as well as custom cycling jerseys for special orders. unique bike jerseys

From capturing pop culture icons and social movements to historic cycling races and European teams, the spectrum of unique cycling clothing at is vast with many options for men and women. Check out the company’s stunning collection of unique bike jerseys online, or learn more below about what makes stand out from the pack.

Premium Quality Cycling Jerseys

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Stunning Jersey Designs & Graphic Artcreative custom cycling jerseys

Among some of the most unique and original works of art, the graphics that are used to design cycling jerseys from are out of this world. From beautiful patterns and colorful prints to sharp and modern jerseys, there are a wide variety of illustrations and designs to choose from. The company staffs professional designers and graphic artists who bring creative ideas to life, including unique and custom ideas from customers.

Custom Cycling Jersey Design

In addition to offering a wide selection of exclusive designs, also offers custom cycling jersey design services. For individuals, cycling teams, businesses, causes, and other group endeavors, custom cycling jerseys are a great way to bring something unique and original to life. To learn more about the process of submitting an order with for custom cycling jerseys, visit

Original Ideas & Creative Prints

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College Student Recruiting Giveaways That Make an Impact

When it comes to college student recruiting giveaways, BookWear is one company that stands out from the clutter of recruiting gifts and giveaway items. BookWear, which is similar to a book in its share, is more a package that contains both a gift and message. Serving as one of the most effective recruiting giveaways for college students, BookWear can be customized with any design, message, and a gift from one of BookWear’s wide selection of items. College Recruitment Giveaway BookWear

BookWear now offers a web-based catalogue of products that they offer. When using the site of BookWear, you will find that it is ideally suited thus helping you find all available options when it comes to designing your ideal BookWear giveaway. Testimonials show that those who have used BookWear as recruiting giveaways have been very pleased with its effectiveness.

A Closer Look at BookWear

BookWear combines creativity, message, photos, surprise, and a gift thus making it as a giveaway for those who may have been interested in a given field. This is an ultimate use of art for those who want a way of expressing themselves in a magical way. In addition, BookWear offer a given novel as well as effective communications medium. When using it, you will find a way of expressing yourself in a more unique way compared to the other alternatives that makes you happy during the given student recruiting giveaways

Many may have said that it works as a “book” printed that makes your text and graphics on the cover to be more excellent while having any given surprise gift inside. After you have made it, you will mail it like any other thick postcard. Many have learnt that it is a refreshingly unique at the same time tangible idea in a world that flooded by media. When you finish it, the recipient will always open the book and easily read your message. When using it, you will express your message in different ways that makes it one of the amazing facts for yourself.

How can it make for effective recruiting giveaways for the many applications, such as college student recruiting?

Creative & Compelling Recruiting Giveaways for College Students

BookWear offer effective recruiting giveaways for many applications, such as college student recruiting since it easy to use depending on the needs of the school. When you use it, the college students will be in a position of creating their portals that links them to the student recruiting giveaways gifts-ideas

From their accounts, they will access information on personal details from the college data whenever they want to use it. It will also enhance the communication channel for the students and administration when they want to search and make it work easily for the students. Once it is installed, the students will learn on the special information that the college has for them through their portals.

Top 3 Books About SEO & Search Engine Marketing

With rapid digitalization in today’s business and marketing era, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) as a whole has made its own reputation in the world of internet marketing. SEO plays a key role in digital marketing and thus it is used by many (whether properly or improperly.)SEO SEM Books

But at the same time, its implementation at ground level is not that easy. In many cases, one needs experience and understanding of SEO to get the desired results. Although learning SEO is not a child’s play, at the same time, it is not a rocket science. If someone has the hunger to learn SEO and search engine marketing, he or she can do it by understanding its basic concepts via books.

Worthy Reads About SEO & SEM

There are several books written in order to learn both basic and advanced SEO concepts. The following are three highly-rated SEO books worth checking out.

The Art of SEO

The Art of SEO by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola is currently one of the most popular SEO books in the world today. Currently, its 3rd edition is in the market and the three authors of the book reveals the most up-to-date and effective methods for search engine optimization. The fact that The Art of SEO is one of the bestsellers on the subject, tells how good and popular the book is. It is useful for both beginners and advanced.

SEO Fitness Workbook

The 2016 edition of the SEO Fitness Workbook by Jason McDonald is another hot selling book written by a reputable SEO guru. This updated book assures the top Google & Bing rankings. The SEO Fitness Workbook has several positive reviews which increase the credibility of the book and the author.

Search Engine Optimization 2016

Search Engine Optimization 2016 is another popular book which reveals you the secret of bringing more and more traffic to your website. Basically, Search Engine Optimization 2016 talks about the link building method without any Google penalties. You will find many valuable lessons on the topic which includes the use of social media.

Last Word

Whether you’re doing SEM and SEO for surgeons on a local level or comprehensive SEO for ecommerce on a national level, there are many methods for bringing traffics to your website. SEO is one of the most effective of those methods. This complex approach needs specialized and intelligence-driven planning and execution to get the desired results, otherwise your SEO efforts may not fully actualize. The SEO books discussed above are among the best in the market that should help you craft a powerful SEO strategy.

German Bliss Unveils New Parts Division for Woods Equipment

german bliss equipmentGerman Bliss is a well-established and reliable replacement parts store that offers customers an extensive offering of new and used parts online. This reputable company is evolving having now unveiled a Woods parts division. This expansion, in addition to the extensive product and service offering of German Bliss, brings a massive opportunity for growth.

The company is now meeting the high demand for Wood equipment parts, spanning from Woods backhoe parts to Woods Mow’n machine parts. German Bliss has made a name for itself in the online parts business. Learn more below.

Making it Easy to Buy Woods Equipment Parts Online

Taking a glance over at the German Bliss parts store it’s easy to check out the Woods division of the site. From here you can easily navigate your way to which part you require – be it an engine, power cutter, drill or some blades – it’s easy to find what you want on this site and get the information you need about that product. There are over a whopping 80 different types of Woods equipment parts at, and this number is expanding.woods finishing mower parts

Should you wish to enquire about a purchase on Woods mower parts, or simply ask some questions to make a more informed choice on a possible purchase, German Bliss has a very helpful hotline to ensure you are all clued up. This is also an easy way to secure prices and even ask for advice about certain components you are unsure about – the German Bliss hotline staff are knowledgeable in their field.

Shop a Reputable Supplier of Woods Parts

If you find a wealth of Woods equipment parts on their site that you’re interested it. The amount of information on that product exceeds expectations – German Bliss has really ensured its team is knowledgeable on the products that they are selling. woods parts and equipment

The great thing about purchasing Woods parts from German Bliss is the fact that two reputable companies have come together to offer customers exactly what they need, with transparent prices and from a place where you can guarantee quality and assurance.

As their slogan goes, “you can’t miss with German Bliss.” This couldn’t be more true, and if their Woods parts expansion is anything to go by, more and more people are going to be agreeing with this statement. Have a look at their site for yourself and be pleasantly amazed by their expansive range and general know-how on their wares.

Novelty Bike Gifts for the Cyclist in Your Life

Are you looking for unique and creative gifts for the cyclist in your life? You have come to the right place. Below we share 6 novel ideas that you may not know that exist. Each offers something unique for various calibers of cyclists and bike enthusiasts.

Bike Tube Belt with Real Roller Chain novel cycling giftsBelt Buckle

Everybody has a classic belt made of either leather or even a canvas blend. How about a belt made of retired bike supplies and parts? The amazing part is the handmade bike tube belt has the same feel as the classic belt but adds that novel touch you don’t see every day. The actual bike chain buckle completes the look.

Recycled Bike Tire Cuff Links

Maybe you are buying for someone who needs a high class look. Recycled bike tire cuff links are a great way to show a cycling soul with a formal or business look. Round cuff links that contain not jewels but a recycled bike tire tread in black supported in sterling clean silver are sure to fit with any look.

Vintage and Classic Cycling Jerseysnovel cycling jerseys unique

The wide variety of vintage and classic-style cycling jerseys at make a great novel gift. The unique and creative designs far outshine options you find at the local bike shop. For women’s and men’s cycling apparel, there are a number of unique styles that will match perfectly to the taste and personality of any cyclist. Not only will you find any color scheme and design to match but you can choose from many new products that the company keeps putting out.

Recycled Bike Chain Bowl

The bike chain bowl is a great way to make the cyclist lifestyle a focal point as soon as you walk in the door. Made of recycled bike chain this bowl is classy and classic enough to bring style to any home environment. Build to be the perfect size to hold pocket change, sunglasses and car keys. The metal tone of the chain goes with any color and continues the natural feel of wood.

Upcycled Bike Part Dinner Trayunique cycling gift

Imagine serving dinner to your family or guests on a tray containing upcycled bike parts tastefully placed in a round frame. Now picture giving this ability to your favorite cyclist. Talk about dinner conversation. The combining of art and function brings an elegant attention to the cyclist lifestyle in a way hard to find anywhere else. Upcycling is the practice of taking retired bike parts and using them as raw materials in a variety of daily use objects.

Bike Shaped Pizza Cutter

For both the bike lover and pizza lover in your life. Kitchen gadgets in the shape of novelty items is a great area of unique gifts. This type of pizza slice not only cuts through pizza like a traditional round blade pizza cutter it also looks like a bicycle on a wheel stand. Everybody who loves pizza and cycling will simply flip over this unique gift.

These are only six options for novel cycling gifts but they are good ones. Take a minute and discover more about the unique gift ideas on this list. The only thing promised here is miles of smiles.

An Inside Look at UniFac’s Advanced 3PL Solutions

logisticsUnited Facilities, (UniFac) is one of the top third-party logistics (3PL) and supply chain management companies in the U.S. that provide advanced 3PL solutions. This reputable, long-standing company has a nationwide network of distribution and warehouse centers, strategically positioned all over the nation, including states like Florida, Illinois, Colorado, and California.

This means that your goods and products can get to you much quicker and in a much more reliably upon order. As North America’s leading 3PL company, UniFac work with shippers, manage logistic operations, and UniFac pays attention to details so that nothing is missed.

Highly-Specialized 3PL & Distribution Solutions

The 3PL elements and solutions which UniFac excels at delivering include: transportation, warehousing, packaging, freight rate negotiation, reporting, freight bill auditing, supply chain management software, project management, and logistics tracking systems, such as transportation management systems. The company also offers consultation for how to make your logistics function in a more streamlined and simple manner.distribution

UniFac is a full service 3PL team of experts available to you right away. The fact that UniFac have warehouse and distribution centers nationwide means that UniFac can be at your business doorstep in no time at all. UniFac has a team of experienced, resourceful, dependable, expert helpers. UniFac also has online experts ready and waiting to service your call or question.

The team will keep your product line and business moving forward at an incredible rate that is not held up by servicing issues. UniFac does this by being highly detail oriented. The company’s services have been so succinct and streamline that UniFac have worked for several of the Fortune 500 companies in the automotive and consumer goods sectors.

Advanced 3PL & Warehousing

The logistics company’s 3PL services include: warehousing and fulfillment services, packaging options, solutions and services, transportation services, information technology, and value added third party logistics serviceswarehousing

The warehousing services cover a wide range of options, such as: filing and managing inventory, and minimizing time or product inefficiencies. Some examples include food grade storage, barcoding, temperature controlled storage, inventory tracking, equipment, purchasing and customer service administration, quality control inspections, and FDA approval to name a few. The package services include: shrink wrapping, packaging, product assembly, reconditioning, customer pick and pack, multipacks, quality control inspections, RF and barcoding, performance measurement, product testing, fulfillment, point of sale units, recycling, and many other packaging services

Intelligence-Support Transportation & Logistics Services

UniFac’s transportation services include the safe delivery and transport of reliable products. Their cutting edge technology services also support the whole logistics and 3PL operations.

Technological services that your company will have access to through UniFac includes: secure world class server based network systems, electronic data interchange, value added networks and file transfer protocols, custom EDI solutions, full enterprise visibility and systems control, tailored customer needs, productivity monitoring and measurement, and other products.

Additional specialized services include technical writing and consulting services and the excellent 24 hour customer support desk system. Another great service is the value added logistics services. The company helps to meet the ongoing demands of supply chain management by centering its business on continuous improvement. UniFac do this by identifying the issues, analyzing the outcomes, measuring the performance, improving upon systems, and evaluating the entire systems.

Whether you’re seeking reliable and secure distribution warehouses in Florida or nationwide supply chain management, UniFac provides streamlined 3PL services that can help take your business to the next level of excellence.

The Best of Bush Hog Rotary Cutters & Crop Shredders

Are you looking for the best rotary cutter or crop shredder on the market that can handle tasks such as orchard maintenance, roadside clearing, manicuring a large lawn, pasture mowing, and crop shredding?bush hog rotary cutters

Bush Hog is a leading manufacturer of rotary cutters that are known for their unrivaled durability and superior performance. Bush Hog has manufactured a wide range of rotary cutters and crop shredders that range from single spindle series to multi-spindle, flex wing and crop flails. Nevertheless, some of the best Bush Hog rotary cutters and crop shredders include:

Bush Hog 3210 Lift Series Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters

The main highlights of the Bush Hog 3210 rotary cutter are the cutting width and capacity. The cutter has a cutting width of 10-feet 6-inches and a cutting capacity of 3-inches diameter. Available in pull, offset, semi-mount, and lift models, the 3210 series is designed with high blade tip speed to ensure clean cut in weeds, small brush, and heavy glass.

Other features of this model include heavy duty cushioned axles, rubber element cross shafts, and two round blade holders. It’s also a popular model making it easy to find replacement rotary cutter parts for Bush Hog 3210 multi-spindle lift series machines.

Bush Hog 3414 Series Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters

The main highlight of the Bush Hog 3414 Series Rotary Cutters is the cutting width. The rotary cutter has an amazing 14-feet cutting width that makes it ideal for weeds, grass, and row crop shredding. The 3414 series cutter is available in pull or lift model with straight or round blade carriers and an optional shredding kit.

This Bush Hog rotary cutter model is designed for big jobs such as pasture maintenance and crop clearing. Other exceptional features of the 3414 series include 7-gauge strongbacks, rubber cushioned axle arms, rubber element cross shafts, slip clutch standard, and 10-gauge deck construction among others.

Bush Hog 2815 Flex Wing Rotary Cutters

The main highlights of the Bush Hog 2815 flex wing rotary cutters are the 15-feet cutting width and 4-inches diameter cutting capacity. The 2815 flex cutters are built for maximum performance and durability irrespective of the task whether it is pasture maintenance, corn stalk shredding, or roadside cutting.

bush hog rotary cutter parts

The Bush Hog 2815 flex wing is designed for high performance, reliability and durability. Other features that you will find essential include the grease fittings and spring steel bushings at axle pivot points for longer life, 3/8-inch thick wing skids for extended wear, and center section blades that properly align with the center wheels to closely cut out the bottom of ditches.

Bush Hog 2820 Flex Wing Rotary Cutter

bush hog rotary cutterThe main highlights of the Bush Hog 2820 flex wing cutter by Bush Hog include the 20-feet cutting width and 3-inches diameter cutting capacity. The Bush Hog 2820 flex wing rotary cutter is designed to offer more value thanks to the extra value features such as the oil sight gauges, wear bushings and EZ lube drivelines that ensure maximized performance and durability. Other resourceful features on this series of 2820 flex-wing rotary cutters include the reinforced blade pans, grease fittings and spring steel bushings, and spring axle cushions.

Bush Hog 3815 Flex Wing Rotary Cutters

The Bush Hog 3815 flex wing rotary cutters are designed for the toughest cutting conditions. The highlights of the Bush Hog 3815 flex wing cutters include the 15-feet cutting width and the 4 1/2-inches diameter cutting capacity. The 3815 series from Bush Hog is designed to handle tasks on the roughest terrain. They come with heavy, durable axle arms that are designed to withstand the shock and bending of the loads generated and the seven gauge deck plates for stronger decks.

An Inside Look at Independent Film “Beyond Glory” by Stephen Lang

You may know Stephen Lang as General Pickett in Gettysburg or the “bad guy” in Avatar, but the world-renowned actor has done much more than these popular movies. Stephen Lang is now bringing his one-man play “Beyond Glory” to film. Here’s an inside look at the independent film and the making of Beyond Glory the film.

Beyond Glory Stephen Lang

Story Adaptation – From Book to Screen

beyond glory storyThe story was adapted from the novel Beyond Glory by Larry Smith. Stephen Lang discusses how he was quickly immersed in each of the characters’ lives as they go through WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. He found each character to have many things in common and yet so many different events took place in their lives.

As a journalist, the author of the book Larry Smith ensured that he told the lead characters’ stories in an unbiased, unvarnished way. These men feel real. Stephen Lang took the richness of the stories and practiced bringing them to life as the film was shot. Different ethnicities and backgrounds were brought to life as the play became screen material, and the actor underwent numerous challenges to truly showcase their personas.

Showcasing Dignity & Humility on the Battlefield

Mr. Smith and Stephen Lang worked together both to bring the play and the Beyond Glory film to life. Showing at theaters around the world, Beyond Glory has brought a great amount of dignity to those who have been portrayed.

The Beyond Glory screenplay strove to highlight inspirational aspects of the military and less of the humdrum parts of it. Stephen Lang strove to exemplify the aspect of military life that is a calling for its members, something truly significant.

Both the play and the film of Beyond Glory embody a sense of companionship and humility among the soldiers. Many veterans emerged, but many soldiers were killed during battle, and those who came out unscathed were scarred and bear the wounds of war. Having a sense of toughness was something the renowned actor strove to bring out, as the soldiers repeatedly aimed to do their jobs and do them well.

Simplicity of Narrative

The film relies on sobriety and a straightforward, simple story-telling method to bring the characters to life. Much like the play, it uses basic camera shots and Stephen Lang’s facial expressions to bring the characters to life.

With a chiseled physique and military-style haircut, Stephen Lang embodies the soldier, but also manages to adjust his posture and voice in a different way each time he’s portraying a new character. While each of the men he is acting as are unknown to the general public, they become real as the audience watches. The film aimed to bring the authentic quality of the soldier’s voices to life using expert sound mixing and clarity, as well as a sense of courage these men had to rely on in the heat of war.

Beyond Glory Film Screenings

Beyond Glory is showing at theaters around the country, and many screenings include receptions with Stephen Lang after the screening. Two upcoming screenings presented by the Leelanau Community Cultural Center and independent film company 8180 Films will be taking place at the Old Art Building in Leland, Michigan on Friday, Nov 6 at 6:30 PM and Saturday, Nov 7 at 1 PM. For more information about tickets to these two Beyond Glory screenings, visit

Be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible as many screenings for the Beyond Glory film are selling out quick. This is one film that will stay with you, as will the survival stories of the remarkable heroes who came back from the war. Their bodies may have been damaged, but their minds are intact. If you have a veteran or Medal of Honor recipient in your family, taking them to see this film is a gift that will truly last a lifetime.

The Art of Medical Billing for FQHCs

The management of medical billing, budgeting, and funding can make running a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) both stressful and challenging. Furthermore, when other standards, billing, codes, and government enforced policies are constantly being integrated, the whole process of managing the facility becomes even more difficult.FQHC billing struggles

This is common case for the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) medical billing system. This is because FQHCs are different from the normal clinics. They are medical centers that serve the underprivileged and low-income class in the community. As a result, they do not receive medical funding and patient billings in a timely manner to support their financial needs.

FQHCs in a Nutshell

FQHCs are health centers that were established in 1999 to increase medical care services to underserved urban and rural areas. Nonetheless, they are not supposed to be profit making health centers. Therefore, they are no-profit corporations managed by board of directors.

Difficulties in Operating a Financially Sound FQHC

Since FQHCs are unique health centers that provide medical services on a corporate business model, they are bound to legal rights as other corporations. For instance:

  • They are entitled to Medicare claims
  • Are supposed to provide primary medical care to all life cycle ages
  • They do not employ medical specialists such as pediatricians
  • They provide preventive dental care services on site otherwise through the collaboration with other organizations.
  • Must record hospital coverage care to ensure continued health care provision.
  • Are supposed to ensure there is existing medical services that can be billed separately

FQHC Billing Solutions

All medical practice or clinics have to bill patients and FQHC is not an exception. They have to act in conjunction with other bodies such as insurance carriers to generate, record, and maintain billing records.FQHC medical billing protocol

The only problem with FQHC billing system is that, it is hard or much more complex as compared to others clinics. There are several departments involved in FQHC billing to ensure efficient billing process.

Therefore, there is dire need for effective plans and policies and strategies including codes or standards to ensure a flawless network of billing. Further, many of these health centers work with a professional FQHC billing company to help the better understand and implement the procedures needed to ensure an adequate system is in place.

FQHC Billing Standards

The following are some of the codes used in FQHC:

Creative FQHC Billing Protocols and Strategies

1. Paint a clear picture of the entire or overall billing system

This ensures the system works effectively and smoothly. This is only possible through clear understanding and of the billing and health revenue system. The billing system begins when patients make appointments.

2. Relevant sources of information should be effective, for instance from guardians and patients.

Information about patients should be gathered from reliable sources such as guardians or parents. This way they are recorded and documented.

3. Carrying out reconciliation via the accounts department.

The results from the accounts department should be reconciled with that from the management on a regular basis. This ensures effective tracking of missing documents.

4. The fee schedule should be updated annually.

This ensures fair revenue generation.

5. Educate patients on FQHC billing and revenue policies

This can be made possible through participation from each patient for instance, signing of documents before being filed.

FQHCs are difficult to manage since they involve many departments and on top of that, they do not receive payments in time. To ensure survival and smooth operation, creative policies should be implemented and the billing codes used effectively. Furthermore, it requires the participation of all stakeholders.